Capcom Cup 2016 on track to hit record prize pool target

Capcom Cup 2016’s Street Fighter V tournament prize pool has now hit $342,182. This follows a $90,000 windfall from the Capcom Pro Tour DLC. 

With over two months to go until the planned deadline the Capcom Cup, and with the baseline prize pool aim of $250,000 well beaten, it now looks set to hit the mission aim of achieving the biggest prize pool in fighting games history.

A statement from the company said that: “A minimum of 30% of the revenue will go to the Capcom Cup 2016 prize pool, and an additional 50% of the revenue is invested into Capcom Pro Tour production. That means that Capcom contributes more than 80% of all CPT DLC revenue directly to support Capcom Pro Tour initiatives.”

The blog on the Playstation site also confirmed that it “contribute (sic) a portion of our (sic) sponsorship, ad revenue, and merchandise sales into the Capcom Pro Tour and Capcom Cup prize pool as well.”

By purchasing selected content (the full details of which can be checked here) Street Fighter fans can help contribute to this prize pool, but Playstation stated that this content will not be available any longer in the marketplace from the end of November. 

The blog also noted: “We did not create this content with the intention of making large profits for ourselves; we created it to help support the community”.

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