Call of Duty: Warzone FR 5.56 shotgun bug getting patched soon

Earlier this week, Call of Duty: Warzone discovered a hidden gem in the assault rifle category. The FR 5.56, or Famas, was always a middle-of-the-road weapon up until players tried out a certain attachment. The 12 Gauge Deputy attachment for the weapon’s underbarrel is basically a one-shot kill. As an attachment that turns the FR 5.56 into a shotgun, it’s single-handedly ruining Warzone matches thanks to its ability to destroy enemies at any range. Luckily, Infinity Ward is planning to patch it soon, but it didn’t give a clear date.

FR 5.56 shotgun attachment breaks Warzone

The bug with the FR 5.56 shotgun attachment was first made popular by streamer Symfuhny. Posting a short clip on Twitter, Symfuhny showed the entire community what the 12 Gauge Deputy attachment could really do.

Obviously, one attachment on an assault rifle shouldn’t be able to kill players like that. Traditionally, shotgun attachments on rifles have been fairly weak because if they weren’t, it would be extremely overpowered. Clearly, Infinity Ward made a mistake when developing the 12 Gauge Deputy.

Over the past few days, dozens of clips have popped up that show players eliminating enemies at long ranges with the FR 5.56. Even a fully-armored enemy stands no chance at surviving the FR 5.56 with this particular shotgun loadout.

Fortunately, when the clips started flooding social media, Infinity Ward announced a fix was incoming. Of course, this doesn’t mean a fix is arriving within the next few days. In the past, Infinity Ward has taken its time with updates similar to this one.

As of the time of writing, no update has been given on the FR 5.56 in Warzone. Hopefully, Infinity Ward can fast track a patch, as this single issue is causing mass hysteria across all Warzone lobbies.

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