Call of Duty: Minnesota ROKKR Drops Entire Roster After Disappointing 2020 Season

In a surprising move, the Minnesota ROKKR has announced that it is dropping all of its players from its roster ahead of the 2021 Call of Duty League season. The team, however, will retain head coach Brian “Saintt” Baroska.

The CDL, which has decided to change its format from 5v5 to 4v4, has created a tremendous amount of upheaval among teams with the Ultra, Royal Ravens, Surge, and Guerrillas announcing that they will be completely renewing their rosters. In addition, after COVID-19 forced every CDL team to play online, many esports organizations have chosen to revise their lineups.

As for the ROKKR, which began the CDL season with former world champions on its team, the move to virtual gaming revealed that many of its players were not as skilled online as they were on LAN. Still, some question if these complete overhauls might hurt teams that may have to return to LAN events after COVID-19 has been conquered.

Following their release, GodRx, Ttiny, Assault, Asim, Silly, Exceed and Alex are now unrestricted free agents, who can take their talents to other teams. What is clear is that now that CDL has moved to 4v4, the league will be much more competitive and require an even better team dynamic, something that might be hard to replicate overnight.

Last season, Dallas Empire won in the first-ever online format, yet 48 hours later it had to announce that it was releasing Clayster to adhere to the new 4v4 format. The player will remain a restricted free agent for the 2021 season, meaning he can be called on by Dallas Empire to stay on as a substitute.

CDL 2021, which will continue with 12 franchise teams, will officially begin on September 14 at 2 am CT. At that time, free agents can sign new player contracts with any team in the league and teams can begin submitting player trades for review. In addition, players who remain under contract with an existing team remain can negotiate any amendments to their contract with their team.

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