Call of Duty League will reportedly have fewer events due to format change

The Call of Duty League’s inaugural season will feature fewer events than originally anticipated, according to a new report by Sports Business Journal’s Adam Stern.

Stern reports that the switch back to the tournament model is part of the reason why there will be fewer CDL events overall.

Adam Stern on Twitter

‘@CODLeague is expected to hold fewer events in ’20 than originally anticipated, as part of its switch back to a tournament model. ➖ Move was made in part because some teams were becoming overwhelmed at the prospect of hosting both CDL and @OverwatchLeague events, per source.

The move to host fewer events was also made in part due to some teams becoming overwhelmed at the prospect of having to host both CDL and Overwatch League events, according to Stern. Multiple team ownership groups own both CoD and Overwatch franchises.

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