Call of Duty League: Chicago Huntsmen Sweep OpTic Gaming LA In Three Quick Rounds

The Chicago Huntsmen started off strong against rival team OpTic Gaming LA, with Scump and Envoy bringing the heat offensively throughout the match. Envoy at one point came through with six kills in a row, bringing Chicago into a more than fifty point lead over Los Angeles. Chicago ended up winning the round of Hardpoint, taking a  1 – 0 lead against OpTic Gaming LA.

It should be noted that viewership more than doubled from 50,000 viewers to 90,000 by the end of the first round.

Match 2 was a close game of Search and Destroy, taking place at the Piccadilly map. The lead kept changing, with the two teams alternating back and forth for the first four rounds of S ‘n’ D. However, after some time, Chicago found a way to break ahead and serve up destruction, sweeping ahead of Los Angeles with a 6 – 2 round win, making it a 2 – 0 series lead.

Scump absolutely destroyed his opposition in the third round of Modern Warfare, with Chicago trailing thirty points behind Los Angeles for most of the match. Chicago pushed ahead for an easy win, with the audience cheering for back to back Call of Duty sweeps.

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