British Esports Association, Esports News UK assist UK Proving Grounds

Grassroots League of Legends event UK Proving Grounds has received support from British Esports Association and Esports News UK.

In return for British Esports Association and Esports News UK both providing £200 in prizes for the winning team, the event has been named the British Esports & ENUK Proving Grounds.

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Matches will take place between November 18th-21st and 25th–27th, with the final being hosted on the 28th. The action is being broadcast on Twitch.

Richard ‘Froomie’ Froom of UK Proving Grounds discussed the partnerships in a release: “I’m delighted to have the backing of the British Esports Association and Esports News UK. They’re huge names in UK esports, and it’s fantastic to see them supporting grassroots League of Legends. It’s great that they’ve given us the opportunity to give something back to the players and casters for their efforts over the next two weeks, and we’re very thankful for that here at UKPG.”

Froom, Alexander “Wise Traveller” Wise, and Sam “Manimal” Newbould have set up the event.

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Dom Sacco, Editor of Esports News UK and Content Director of British Esports Association added: “It’s great to give back to the UK League community by supporting a great community-driven grassroots project that could highlight the stars of tomorrow. I look forward to seeing the top plays of the tournament and some fun memes to crop up on Twitter. Good luck to all the players taking part and props to the team for doing this for the love of it.”

The event features hosts and casters Harry “Docda” Evans, Will “Viperoon” Whittingham, James “TheGovernor” Gove, Adrian “Jamada” Thorne, and Charlie “TheSarge” Sarginson.

Esports Insider says: Grassroots esports is a key area for any scene to grow. With the recent news coming out of the British Esports Association with its three-year plan, an event such as this puts that plan into action. ENUK being involved is also not a surprise due to his continuous support of the domestic League of Legends scene. Best wishes to all involved!

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