BREN pull off reverse sweep to win The Nationals Season 2 over Smart Omega

It didn’t go exactly as they thought it would, but BREN Epro have won The Nationals Season 2. The lineup once again faced off against Smart Omega and once again were able to stifle their attempts to walk away victorious. The best-of-five series went the distance and required BREN to pull out some heroics in a reverse sweep.

The two teams had met the day before where BREN won 2-1, sending Omega into the losers final where they received a second chance at the finals and capitalized on it by defeating Laus Auto Group Playbook Esports.

The momentum seemed to have been carried into the grand final against the team that had bested them in every meeting this season. Omega stormed off to an early lead and then doubled it, taking a 2-0 advantage in the best-of-five.

With their backs against the wall, The MPL-PH Season 6 and The Nationals Season 1 champions turned things around. BREN were able to counter Omega’s game three Diggie strategy in order to begin their reverse sweep. From there it seems the team was able to find their footing and deliver the performance we expect from their players.

The reverse sweep would come to fruition as a less than stellar performance from Ribo in gave five would turn a corner, seeing the star on Atlas pull off a sneaky play to put KarlTzy in a position to take the lord along with two kills onto Hadjizy and KurTzy. Using this opportunity, BREN would push through and find themselves victorious in achieving back-to-back champion status of The Nationals.

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