BREN Esports' Ribo on NXP: "NXP got too cocky, they deserved what they got" – Full interview

VPEsports had the chance to chat with the BREN Esports lineup after their Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League Season six grand finals victory over Omega PH.

The MPL-PH Season six champions, BREN Esports, discussed their opponents, the beef with NXP, Aura PH, and more in this exclusive interview.

VPESPORTS: First, congratulations on your victory. In a recent interview with MPL KarlTzy said he wanted to face Omega in the grand finals because they were the ones who beat you last season and the only team who took you down this season – were you surprised when you found out you’d be facing them in the finals?

pheww: We’re not that surprised that omega will reach finals since they are the team to beat in their bracket.
flap: We weren’t surprised because we already expected that we will be facing against omega in the finals
ejhay: We already predicted this. Even during the start of the playoffs we knew they would be in the grand finals and we were preparing for them.
lusty: After looking at the brackets I knew that OMG would reach the finals.

VPESPORTS: There was a lot of fun being poked at NXP from your team and you managed to live up to the 3-0 claim in the playoffs. Have any comments about that? Maybe to NXP?

pheww: Since bren and nxp always tease each other, the hype for the finals got big. We trained hard for that 3-0 win because we couldn’t stand losing against them.
flap: I just want to congratulate myself for winning against nexplay and having my dear 2 friends yawi and h2wo in the playoffs because we dreamt of it when we are still rg boys
karl: GGWP, Let’s improve together!
ribo: NXP got too cocky, they deserved what they got.
ejhay: Whatever they prepared, it wasn’t enough.
lusty: Nothing to say much, they played like AI opponents.

VPESPORTS: Things went very poorly for the back-to-back Season 4 & 5 champions Aura PH in the playoffs. Did that surprise you? Did you expect you’d be facing them at some point in the playoffs.

pheww: Yeah we expected to face them in the semi finals since they are very strong when it comes to playoffs.
flap: We were not surprised about it because we already saw their gameplay during the regular season and we kinda predicted that they will fail to face us with that kind of play.
karl: I expected them to perform the same way they performed in the regular season.
ribo: I didn’t actually think that we would be facing Aura because there were other teams performing better than them.
ejhay: We were surprised about their performance since they were the back to back champs. It seems they didn’t prepare well.
lusty: Yes, because I really wanted to pick them apart, especially Killuash.

VPESPORTS: It was a back and forth battle for those first few games in the grand final and many of them were one-sided. What were you all thinking throughout the series when Omega would bounce back from a beat down to dominate the next game?

pheww: We didn’t expect for them to bounce back since many teams will be scared after losing to a one sided snowball game.
flap: We already know their tricks and that is invading so we banned all the heroes that can invade us because they can’t beat us at a normal game.
karl: No, because we know in ourselves that we can take them on.
ribo: We promised we would do our best in the upcoming matches.
ejhay: I knew we were prepared because the team is used to playing ultra-long games.
lusty: Our mindset was to just reset every game and treat it every game as if we were playing our last. We didn’t expect them to draft that bad in the last few games.

VPESPORTS: Your coach made comments about your team needed to seek opponents outside of your region in order to find competition. Is there truth to this or just a little trash talk? How do you all prepare in terms of scrimmages?

pheww: Scrims with other countries was the best type of training we have. We studied different meta and make them better to fit our gameplay.
flap: We always scrim with other regions such as Indonesia MY/SG because the players/teams there are much stronger than teams in the PH so that’s why we scrim them.
karl: It’s true. We play them toe to toe during training.
ejhay: It’s true, we get more strategies from other regions and improve them to our advantage.
ribo: I don’t know, our coach is dumb as a rock.
lusty: It’s true because there were no scrim partners locally who can match our current game style.

VPESPORTS: Lastly, look aheading – What can we expect from BREN Esports in Season 7? Any bold words or predictions?

pheww:We will try to continue dominating the next season if we still can. I hope we all won’t lose the determination to be a champion again.
flap: All i can say is that we’re having a BREN back to back champions!
karl: Back to back champions.
ribo: Expect we will win again in Season 7.
ejhay: We will make sure we get the next MPL championship.
lusty: Expect us to grow even stronger so we can beat opponents down to the ground every time.

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