Blacklist International add former ONIC duo OhMyV33NUS & Wise – MPL-PH

Johnmar “OhMyV33NUS” Villaluna and Danerie James “Wise” Del Rosario weren’t on the market long as Blacklist International have revealed the former ONIC PH duo as the latest two additions to their lineup. Blacklist International recently revealed that their young talent Kairi “FULLCLIP” Rayosdelsol had requested a transfer, leaving them in need of a change.

“Ohmyv33nus and Wise Gaming wanted to join us because they believe in what Blacklist International can do as an esports organization,” Blacklist International said in their official announcement.

OhMyV33NUS made a statement via Facebook regarding the move to Blacklist International:

“A new beginning is about to unfold. From the rays of bright, yellow light up to the dark, blue sky. This journey seems like a day turning into the night. And as the night approaches, so does the Queen starts her move. Together with her king, they will conquer everything from dusk and even until the break of dawn.”

After successful runs with ONIC PH which saw the duo finish runner ups in back-to-back season (4&5), they look toward a new opportunity with Blacklist International.

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