Beyond the Summit to host Smash Ultimate Summit 3, Mainstage 2, and Crossover Summit

Beyond The Summit is getting out ahead of the Super Smash Bros. content this year after announcing the return of two events and a new tournament that’s going to combine the different Smash scenes for the first time in Summit history. 

While Smash Summit 9 wraps up on the Melee side, Ultimate Summit, Mainstage Two, and the Crossover Summit all got locked-in dates for when the best Smash players in the world will be back at the studio. 

While Ultimate Summit was expected since there were two successful showings last year, it was a little bit of a surprise to see Mainstage Two getting a date this early in the year. And the Crossover Summit is going to be on the most hype things in the entire community depending on how the Summit crew open up the qualifiers and voting process. 

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