BBC visits N0tail at his 17 bedroom mansion from Lisbon, Portugal

British television network BBC paid a visit to the double TI champion Johan “N0tail” Sundstein at his mansion from Lisbon, Portugal to give the world an insight into esports’ richest player.

With $6,960,447 in his bank account, N0tail sits far ahead at the top of most rich esports players. He is followed in the charts by his current and former OG teammates JerAx, Ana, Topson and Ceb, all with over 5 million dollars earned through their careers, but with the big chunk won by having lifted The International trophy twice with N0tail by their side.

BBC feature with N0tail reveals bits of information on how his life changed after becoming back-to-back TI winner and tells perhaps a different story that most of the fans would have expected. Despite owning a 17 bedroom mansion and being the most wealthy esports player, N0tail speaks about “a huge dark side” and “the mental strain” that high level of competition can take on someone competing at such a high level.

“I get negative myself, I get very sad. Sadness is my number one enemy and it keeps saying hit to me,” says Johan to BBC reporter Joe Tidy. The coronavirus pandemic messed up with everyone’s plan, and N0tail was no exception. The mansion he bought a bit over a year ago needs refurbishing and all the rest to be completely functional, but renovation has gone slow through 2020. He bought the absolute necessary furniture and assured that the internet infrastructure is solid in order to allow him to use the house as a bootcamp facility as well. For now, N0tail is living along with Yeik “MidOne” Nai Zheng and Martin “Saksa” Sazdov, the BBC video reveals, but has been visited by most of the OG staff, especially during the few big online competitions held for Dota 2 during the 2020 pandemic.

With the Dota Pro Circuit Regional Leagues finally getting started next week, on the 18th of January and the first Major set to take place at the end of March, N0tail and OG will be back at their full strength, looking to set yet another record. The big target is obviously The International 10, which was announced to be held this August in Stockholm, Sweden. Asked about feeling too old to fight at the highest level of competition, the 27 year old N0tail says he feels like he is 20 and that he has plenty of years left.

“I  might not be the best player in mechanical skill but damn, I know how to make this work,” says N0tail at the end of BBC’s video.

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