Australian study finds esports players are healthier than general population

A new Queensland University of Technology (QUT) study has found that esports players are healthier than most people. The study specifically claims that gamers “are up to 21 percent healthier weight” than the larger population. The study also found that esports players “hardly smoke and drink less too.”

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health published this study. It was based on 1400 gamers across 65 countries. And it goes without saying that this study challenges a bit of the common stereotype about video game players. However, there is a fascinating reason as to why.

Physical activity is the key

It is important to note that this research applies to esports players and not general gamers. It’s important because pro esports players engage in physical exercise to gain an edge during performances. Physical exercises actually have an impact on the players’ success.

“As part of their training regime, elite esports athletes spend more than an hour per day engaging in physical exercise as a strategy to enhance gameplay and manage stress,” lead researcher Michael Trotter explained.

Even still, 4% of esports players were more likely to be morbidly obese compared to the general population. Trotter didn’t come out and say that these players were the lowest performers, but he highly suggested it.

“Only top-level players surveyed met physical activity guidelines, with the best players exercising on average four days a week,” Trotter said.

He concluded that esports organizations should focus on exercise and physical activity. Evidently, it plays a role in esports success.

The next step for the research is to investigate how high school and college esports programs can improve health and increase physical activity for their own esports players. As esports are slowly taking on a bigger role at both the high school and collegiate levels, it would be incredible to challenge the “fat” stereotype across all esports play levels.

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