Astralis Talent Development Initiative Announced

Astralis has announced that it has launched a development player/talent initiative named Astralis Talent. The Danish ownership group, known mostly for its success in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, launched the new initiative with the design to “create a recruitment platform and training partner for the A teams, as well as contributing to the development of young talent in a professional setting.”

The Astralis Talent facilitates will be located in the same location as the other business operations while the players are integrated as part of the performance program. Members of Astralis Talent will have the same access and tools as the pro players such as exercise and playing facilities with the addition of accommodations being made available for study.

The initial setup will include talent teams in League of Legends and CS:GO.

In League of Legends, Astralis Talent Coaches will be Mikkel Donby (Head Coach) assisted by Anders Schultz while in CS:GO, Dennis Vang is brought in as a Head Coach, as well as assistant for the A team under Danny ‘zonic’ Sørensen. Talent teams and rosters in both League of Legends and CS:GO will be finalized by early January at the latest.

Astralis Talent will be led by Kasper Hvidt, Director of Sports who will be responsible for all teams, strategy, and development of set-up along with Performance Manager Lars Robi; Team Manager, League of Legends (A) and Astralis Talent, Mads Nansen Paulsen; Assistant Coach CS:GO A team and Head of Talent, CS:GO Talent Dennis Vang; Head Coach, League of Legends Talent, Mikkel Donby; and ‍2nd Coach, League of Legends Talent Anders Schultz.