Apex Legends' season 8, Mayhem, is live

Introducing the latest legend Fuse, the new 30-30 Repeater Rifle, and an overhauled Kings Canyon.

Mayhem has come to Apex Legends.

The battle royale’s explosive eighth season is now live, bringing in a wealth of new additions that will shake up the game. Players can dive into the arena as the explosives enthusiast Walter “Fuse” Fitzroy, but they’ll be greeted by an entirely different landscape.

Season eight will feature an “obliterated” Kings Canyon after the incidents of the launch trailer, so players can expect a new look for the Solace arena. There’s also a new sight in the Apex Games. The 30-30 Repeater, Salvo’s most popular firearm, is the latest weapon to join the battle royale.

Here’s everything that’s new with Apex season eight.

New legend: Fuse

The new legend is a bombastic explosive expert called Fuse, a Salvo native who’s coming to bring the boom to the Apex Games. Fuse fought his way to the top of the Bone Cage, Salvo’s brutal fighting pits, and became the Bone Cage Champion. After his victory, he decided to take on a greater challenge: the Apex Games—much to the dismay of his friend-turned-rival Mags, who proceeded to crash the salvo ship into Kings Canyon.

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Fuse’s explosive skill set ensures that he’ll be a blast to play. His passive improves his capacity to throw grenades and lets him carry an extra ordnance per inventory slot, while his tactical is a cluster bomb that deals damage to a small area-of-effect.

His ultimate is a huge part of his kit. The Motherlode unleashes a salvo of firebombs that create a ring of fire around a wide area. It’s perfect for trapping enemies, but players can also use it indoors to rain fire on everyone—including on Fuse himself, so use it carefully.

New weapon: the 30-30 Repeater

Fuse is bringing Mayhem to the Apex Games, but he’s also carrying a new weapon. The 30-30 Repeater Rifle is a hard-hitting heavy rifle that lets players charge up their shots when aiming down sights. The new gun falls “somewhere between the Longbow and the G7 Scout” with “a little bit of Wingman in there for good measure,” game designer Eric Canavese told Dot Esports.

Hip-firing the 30-30 deals 42 damage on body shots, but charged projectiles deal 57 damage before any multipliers (including headshots, Fortified, and Low Profile). The weapon lets you switch out between charged and uncharged at will and weaving in charged shots “will be really important for reaching the full potential that the 30-30 can offer on the battlefield,” Canavese said.

“Obliterated” Kings Canyon

Apex‘s first arena is also getting an overhaul—including a completely new playable area. The season eight map update blew up the mountains in the northern part of the map and created a new POI called Crash Site. In addition, Respawn opened up a passage between the area and Artillery.

Slum Lakes is also out of Kings Canyon for good, making room for another POI called Spotted Lakes. The new area mixes close-quarters, industrial buildings with open areas and sniper towers to create a room with better loot and a handful of sniper’s nests.

The new season will also bring Explosive Holds, a vault-like container that houses quality loot. Getting into them isn’t as simple as just opening the door, though. They’re fortified, which means it takes one grenade (of any type) to blast open the doors.

You can test out all the changes and new features in Apex season eight right now.

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