Apex Legends: Season 8 Mayhem Gameplay Trailer Reveals Fuse's Abilities And More

Apex Legends has released a gameplay trailer, featuring some new gameplay changes, Fuse’s abilities and more.

Respawn Entertainment is back with another hype trailer for the upcoming Apex Legends Season 8 trailer. The new gameplay trailed demonstrates plenty of new features, including Fuse’s abilities, Battle Pass teasers, a Golden Magazine and more. Here is what it all means for the next season of Apex Legends.


Walter Fitzroy is his real name – born in a world of chaos where he thrived in the mayhem. He’s the Champion of Salvo, confirming what we knew about the character from a recent teaser trailer. But we now know more about his abilities, bio and more.

Ultimate Ability: Fuse fires a shell in the air that deploys a cluster bomb over an area. The ability has a wide radius and can easily get over cover as the clusters drop from the sky. Natural counters to this ability are Wraith and Gibraltar. Perhaps Wattson is a counter, but we will need to playtest to make sure the interaction is there.

Tactical Ability is the Knuckle Cluster: The Knuckle Cluster appears to fire two waves of explosives at the area, which appear to do moderate damage at a minimum.

Respawn Entertainment has yet to allude his passive ability. There are still a few secrets out there on this new Legend.

King’s Canyon Obliterated

Something has caused a flood in the mountainous valleys of King’s Canyon. Furthermore, Artillery has been destroyed, with holes in some of the buildings, gates taken out, and more. Exiting Artillery leads the player brings you to new popped-up platforms that stretch on. Further down the valley are giant constructions as the significant landmark of the location.

Respawn Entertainment describes it as the section of the map has been obliterated. The trailer shows off Artillery and other sections of the map blasting each other. The forces at work on King’s Canyon don’t seem too pleased with each other, hence the obliteration. It could mean there is an element of environmental danger when it comes to looting the area. Again, this is pure speculation based on the footage, but the map certainly feels more active than it once was.

Gameplay Changes

With every season, Respawn Entertainment find a way to spice up the regular gameplay in Apex Legends. One of those ways is through perks, attachments and more. The new season brings a new weapon, the 30-30 Repeater and a Golden Magazine.

Gold Magazine: The Golden Magazine attachment carries the same ammo capacity as a purple, except the magazine as an autoloader perk built-in.  The Golden Magazine appears to scale with Rampart’s LMG Magazine passive, as she is featured going on a rampage in the gameplay trailer.

New Weapon, the 30-30 Repeater: The 30-30 Repeater a lever-action rifle, that appears to pack a punch, especially to heads in close and mid-range firefights. The base value of the weapon appears only to carry six rounds at a time. The apparent downside to the weapon is its slow rate of fire and a long reload speed. Anyone who wants to reload this weapon needs to individually place rounds in, making it one of the longer reload speeds of any weapon. That Golden Magazine certainly looks appealing for the 30-30 Repeater.

Battle Pass: The new Battle Pass features Legendary Skins for Bangalore and Lifeline. But the biggest prize of them all is a new reactive Legendary Skin for the Longbow. The weapon is heavily detailed, but when the weapon lands a kill, it grows red. That will certainly feel good for those that manage to get that skin.

That’s all for the gameplay trailer. Season 8 Mayhem is nearly here, with its release set for February 2. There isn’t long left to wait to get your hands on the next Apex Legend and other goodies coming to the game.

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