Apex Legends is suffering from serious lag problems and crashes

While Season 4 of Apex Legends has introduced some great changes, it’s also brought some unwanted problems. Last week we reported on the console lag issues that have been plaguing players since the beginning of February. However, that was only on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Now, the problems seem to have transferred over to PC as well as remaining on console. The lag is so bad that Apex Legends is kicking players for not moving in Ranked play. Also, to go along with the lag, game crashes have become increasingly worse.

Technical difficulties in Apex Legends Season 4

Last week, a fix was supposed to go out to correct the console lag problems, but it only seemed to make the issues worse.

Specifically a problem in Ranked play, players have been getting an error code that’s kicking them out of the match. This is due to the lag that plagues the players just before the error code appears. Respawn’s anti-dashboarding code is working, but it’s mistaking a lag-kick for purposeful abandonments.

Obviously, this is a massive problem in Ranked because if you leave a match early, you receive a cooldown ban from the playlist. If it happens more than once, the cooldown becomes even worse.

However, that’s just regarding the lag. Yesterday, it seemed that PC players specifically were suffering from severe game crashes. No matter the hardware inside one’s PC, the crashes appear to be random and have an unknown root cause.

Sooooo like is Apex going to fix these crashes orrrrr?

Respawn has yet to comment on the unsolved lag issues or the game crashes. Though, it’s presumed that the developers are working on a hot fix for the lag issues. As for the crashes, we’re not sure when a fix would go out since it’s a relatively new problem compared to the lag.

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