Apex Legends father & son duo secure a close victory in Season 4

A recent trend in video games, battle royales specifically, has seen developers turn down the violence to appeal to a wider range of audiences. Fortnite was one of the first games to move in this direction, pairing it with a free-to-play model. This allows kids and adults to play the game no matter their financial situation. Also, most parents don’t mind their children playing these games since there’s no blood or gore. Apex Legends followed this trend, and one recent clip of a father / son duo exemplifies what Respawn was in part trying to accomplish.

  • Family duo displays kinship over match of Apex Legends

    While the ultimate goal of any game developer is to make money, there are some secondary goals in place as well. One of these, at least for Apex Legends, was to ensure that people of any age could play and enjoy the battle royale.

    As Apex Legends is free to play and available on most major systems, we’ve seen many child prodigies pop up over the past year. However, with the recent Valentine’s Day event, the game introduced a limited-time duos mode. It’s in this mode where we see a family bond over Apex Legends. Credit to Reddit user spaceman12ky for the clip.

  • Playing Duos with my 9yo son. Proud dad moment as he comes in to save the old man and get the W!!!
    • r/apexlegends
    • spaceman13ky
    • 16h ago
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      Clips of this nature, parents playing with their kids, are starting to become more and more popular. Recently, we saw a couple of clips on Reddit of a young girl dominating the lobby with a Hemlock assault rifle. However, the one above is extra special since the son swoops in to secure the clutch victory for his father and himself.

    • A short clip of my 9 year daughter’s first squad wipe. She’s now obsessed with finding a Hemlock after this, and yells, “My Queen” when she finds one.
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      • 030503riff
      • 9d ago
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        Hopefully, this is a trend that continues with parents and their children. After all, video games are mainstream entertainment now, which only bodes well for the future.

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