Anivia faces harsh nerfs in upcoming Legends of Runeterra patch

After outperforming almost every champion in Legends of Runeterra, Anivia is getting her wings clipped in the upcoming open beta.

Whether you constructed a specific deck for the Cryophoenix or were lucky enough to draft her in Expeditions, Anivia was a far too powerful card. But nerfs hitting LoR in the upcoming patch hope to give opponents an opportunity to react and counter Anivia’s power by making it more difficult for the bird to level up.

“Often, she could be leveled up with almost no chance for the opponent to interact,” the patch notes read. “With these changes, we’re preserving her copy / sacrifice synergy while giving opponents a more consistent opportunity to react. Also, by reworking her to fit into an Enlightened deck, we think she’ll have a clearer role as a control / ramp finisher.”

Here are the Anivia nerfs coming to the LoR open beta.

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