Alliance punish for their clumsiness in the Major debut series

DreamLeague Season 13: The Leipzig Major is the first 2019-20 Dota Pro Circuit tournament for, who entered the new season with a revamped roster.

Alliance were VP’s first adversaries in the group stage play, and the Europeans managed to cut through the rather sloppy CIS team with a clean 2-0. Interestingly enough, it was none of the two newcomers of who underperformed in the series, but rather the veteran mid laner Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko, who had one of the worst days of his professional career. In game one he flopped on a mid lane Magnus, missing a few ultimates, and when he finally got a three-man Reverse Polarity in a Roshan contest team fight, he skewered all heroes away from his Slark, thus losing the fight for his team. The game went from bad to worse for him, up to the point where he was using his ultimate in a base defense fight without catching a single enemy hero.

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Game two was pretty much lost for VP from the drafting stage, as Alliance secured a heavy healing line-up with Winter Wyvern, Treant Protector and Enchantress on top of a Lifestealer, who was able to control the game from laning stage till the very end. VP had No[o]ne on Alchemist in the mid lane, but given the great amount of sustainability on the opposite side, he got continuously kitted and outmaneuvered around the map, which eventually denied any kind of impact that he could have had with his early Radiance.

Both Alliance and will resume their Major run tomorrow, January 19, when Alliance will play for a spot in the upper bracket playoffs versus Invictus Gaming, while VP will have a shot at recovery in the losers’ series versus Reality Rift.


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