All the card changes in Legends of Runeterra 2.1 patch

Eleven cards will be adjusted in Legends of Runeterra’s 2.1 patch, with slight balance changes targeting metagame players across multiple regions. Cards like The Grand Plaza and Miss Fortune and Pale Cascade, in particular, are facing nerfs.

Legends of Runeterra 2.1 champion update

Miss Fortune – Nerf

  • Remove Overwhelm keyword at level 2

The nerf to Miss Fortune is relatively minor, asmost Scout lists win by going wide. Besides, Miss Fortune doesn’t often have many opportunities to attack safely thanks to her middle of the road stats. However, her attack ability is so strong that it removes any hope of chump blocking her. By removing her Overwhelm ability, it lowers her effectiveness as an attacker to match her overall power.

Viktor – Buff

  • Level up requirement reduced from playing 8+ created cards to 7+ created cards.
  • Now creates a Hex Core Upgrade when played and at round start

Viktor’s buff works to increase his playability. Players had to commit too much mana and resources to leveling him before, given his performance. Ideally, with a lower level up requirement, he will see more play.

Landmark update

The Grand Plaza – Nerf

  • Temporary buff gained from summoning an ally reduced from +1/+1 to +1/+0

The Grand Plaza is taking a pretty big hit but given its dominance in the current meta, the change is necessary. By removing the health buff units gain, units lose some resilience and players can make more balanced trades against it in combat. While The Grand Plaza isn’t going anywhere soon, other decks now have a fighting chance.

Unit update

War Chiefs – Nerf

  • Base stats changed from 1/3 to 2/2

Greenglade Elder – Buff

  • Base stats changed from 1/3 to 3/1

Better stats for a more aggressive card.

Captain Farron – Nerf

  • Reduced the number of Decimates created in hand when summoned from 3 to 2

By reducing the number of Decimates created in hand, Captain Farron’s max damage drops from 12 down to eight. Bad news for Captain Farron, but good for balance.

Blade Squire – Buff

  • Base stats changed from 1/2 to 2/1

Pretty basic buff. Hitting enemies harder is almost always better than being around to block.

Spell updates in 2.1 Legends of Runeterra patch

Blade of the Exile – Buff

  • Cost reduced from 3 to 1

Riven’s ultimate spell wasn’t seeing much play at three mana. By reducing it to one mana, there are more opportunities to cast the spell.

Homecoming – Buff

  • Cost reduced from 5 to 4

Riot Games wants to emphasize that Ionia’s gimmick is recalling cards. By reducing the cost of a fairly versatile spell they hope more decks can use it.

Hush – Nerf

  • Cost increased from 2 to 3

Since many recent champions rely on enhancing or changing stats, Hush was too efficient in neutralizing all buffs. Hush will still be played in every deck that can play it, but players will have to manage their mana a little better.

Pale Cascade // Diana’s Pale Cascade – Nerf

  • Reduced stat boost from +2/+1 to +1/+1

Pale Cascade is still still solid, even with the single attack stat reduction. The biggest change is now the spell can’t trade up with units as easily. Players still draw a card with its Nightfall trigger, so Pale Cascade will still be the premier pump spell in Targon.

The latest Legends of Runeterra patch is working to build a better meta for the latest champion Aphelios to take center stage. See whether the changes will do so by staying tuned to Daily Esports for more Legends of Runeterra news and more.

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