After five consecutive losses,'s run at EPIC League Division 1 comes to an end

After a month of intense Dota 2 action, EPIC League Division
1 was almost at an end as today saw the penultimate series for the tournament –
the lower bracket finals between OG and, with the victor getting a
shot at taking down in the grand finals tomorrow. had an amazing EPIC League event and up until yesterday,
had not lost a game in the playoff stage – having had the skill to take down
the likes of Team Secret, VP, and even OG during the group stages of the event.
Today they were hoping to vastly improve on their upper bracket final showing
against VP, which saw them unable to really find their footing – but OG were on
a warpath through the lower bracket. Having eliminated Yellow Submarine, Natus
Vincere and Team Liquid, OG looked to be at their dangerous best and hungry for
a tournament victory.

Going into the series it was clear that OG were miles ahead
of their opponent as Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen’s Morphling ran rings around It took a little under 24-minutes for the first game to be over as struggled to find their footing and went down to a 0-1 deficit. With
the Morphling open for the taking again in game two, OG saw no reason to change
things up – although this time, managed to claim some kills for
themselves. With a Spirit Breaker to morph into and a fantastic Yeik “MidOne”
Nai Zheng Sven to pick up when things went wrong, OG charged away into a 2-0

Finally, in game three, got the memo to ban the
Morphling, but it was too little too late. Another Sven for MidOne as well as
the entire OG squad playing some fantastic Dota 2 would see another extremely
quick game as the series would end 3-0 as threw in the towel after
just 25-minutes.

Unfortunately for, after an amazing tournament,
they would be eliminated from the EPIC League Division 1 in an admirable third
place – after losing five straight games in a row. For OG, they will look to
tomorrow where they will have a shot at winning their first event of the year
since the ESL One Los Angeles Closed Qualifiers back in February – but
would need to be dealt with first.

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