Afreeca Freecs win the 2019 KeSPA Cup, destroy SANDBOX 3-0

If the 2019 KeSPA Cup is any indication, the new Afreeca Freecs roster is going to have a blast of a season. AF sprinted to the championship, finishing with a final game score of 12-1, basically speed-running to the first place and meeting little resistance from anyone.

The majority of AF’s 2020 roster is actually comprised of hardened LoL veterans. In the off-season, AF signed former Gen.G mid laner Song “Fly” Yong-jun and attracted one of LPL’s best bot laners, Team WE’s centerpiece Jin “Mystic” Seong-jun, securing two power players for the two carry positions. Yet, the real gut puncher for AF’s enemies came from the top lane.

Afreeca Freecs’ old timer Kim “Kiin” Gi-in was at the very top of his game and even AF’s opponents in the grand final, SANDBOX Gaming, could not stifle his top lane dominance. Kiin finished game 1 as an 8/0/8 Irelia and game 2 as 3/0/7 Kennen. Even in game 3 when Son “Jelly” Ho-gyeong’s Nautilus and Kim “SSUN” Tae-yang’s Rumble stole the show, Kiin still sat at a 9/3/11 Hecarim for a total finals KDA of 20/3/26 (15.3). On the other side, Kiin’s lane opponent Park “Summit” Woo-tae visibly struggled and was farmed mercilessly by the KeSPA Cup MVP finishing at 1/18/5 KDA after the three games.

This is Afreeca Freecs’ first championship in franchise history in only their second grand final appearance. The closest the team got to a trophy was the 2018 Spring Playoffs, where they lost to Kingzone 3-1.

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