A grueling 88-minute game three sees Aster upset LGD

China’s Dota Pro Circuit League Season continued today with PSG.LGD taking on Team Aster, with a possibility of LGD moving to the top of the standings at the end of the first week of play.

After Invictus Gaming caused a massive upset when they pummeled out a 2-1 victory over the Chinese super-team of Elephant, Team Aster would have been watching from the wings, hoping to find the same brilliance as they went up against PSG.LGD. While LGD had already played a series in the 2021 DPC, beating LBZS, Aster were yet to play and would also be hoping to get their season off to a fantastic start.

Game one took over 40-minutes for one team to make a decisive breakthrough, as there was not much between them before that. While LGD were the more experienced team and a favourite of the region, Aster’s lineup proved far too difficult for them to deal with as the closed qualifier squad ran away with the game. Game two saw Aster going for the Naga Siren and utilizing her farming ability to control the map. But that was not enough as LGD recognized the threat and secured a tied series.

The final and decisive game was what we would expect to see in a grand final as both teams fought back and forth for over an hour. While it was mostly in Aster’s favour, LGD found some brilliance to sneak in an Aegis and utilized this to turn the game around one swift movement. But that was not the end of things at all as Aster were the next to turn everything around again and, even with mega creeps marching on their Ancient, LGD somehow stayed in the game for a few moments longer.

While LGD tried everything possible to keep their Ancient from falling, with Divine Rapiers by the bucket-load, Aster were just too strong in an extremely chaotic game. It took 88-minutes but the Ancient finally fell as Aster secured another huge upset for the day at the China DPC League Season 1. For LGD, they will have some time to contemplate their next move as they only face Team MagMa on January 31st while Aster will have some hope going into their series against Elephant on January 26th.

headline photo courtesy of Perfect World

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