8 Japanese players are already in the top 20 of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate PGRU rankings

The Panda Global analysts weren’t kidding when they said Japan was going to be heavily represented in the top portion of the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate PGRU Fall 2019 rankings. In just the initial reveal of spots 11 through 20, eight Japanese players made the cut. 

Smash’s competitive scene has always existed mostly in North America. But with Ultimate, it’s slowly starting to feel like a global game with how many of the best players are coming from outside NA. 

This is also the range where you see players who have basically made the top cut (top 32 at most tournaments) in basically every event that they’ve competed in. Most of the players in the top 20 have won an S or A-Tier Major, or at least placed in the top eight multiple times. 

With a few huge jumps and two new representatives, here’s the first wave of PGR’s top 20 Ultimate players from the second season. 

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